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Many states currently do not allow a non-dentist to “own” a dental practice. However, in the states that do not allow a non-dentist to own a dental practice, these same states will allow a company to provide support services for a dentist and receive a “reasonable” fee associated therewith. Our law firm took the lead in establishing management companies (“MSO’s” or “DSO’s”) which comply with various state regulations and have helped many of the country’s largest DSO’s to provide services to dentists while staying within the bounds of state laws associated with the practice of dentistry.

Whether you are a dentist who wishes to retire from the practice of dentistry but wish to continue working on the business side of dentistry, or whether you are a non-dentist who seeks to be involved in the business side of dentistry, our firm can provide services to you to successfully form an MSO or a DSO which complies with state laws and regulations, provide excellent compensation to a dentist which works for you and provide your company with exceedingly high profit margins.

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