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Are you having a contract or business dispute with the dentist from whom you purchased your practice? Have you been accused of some wrongdoing by the dentist to whom you sold your practice? If your answer to either of these questions is “yes,” we can help. We have experienced litigation counsel (almost 29 years) who will try to resolve these business disputes short of engaging in arbitration or litigation so that you are saved the expense and stress of further proceedings. If a settlement can’t be reached and, if arbitration or litigation is necessary, we’ll be by your side the entire time until the dispute has concluded. Oh, and we can also help with most other business, contract and real estate issues too.

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Wood and Delgado has been specializing in representing dentists for over 39 years in such diverse areas as dental practice purchase agreements, dental partnerships agreements, MSO’s and DSO’s, dental space sharing agreements, dental corporations and LLC’s, real estate, employment law, business litigation, real estate litigation, dental board defense, estate planning, and other business transactions which a dentist will face during his or her career.

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