Grow, Manage, & Protect

Your Practice

with a full-service law firm of attorneys
specializing in all business needs of a dentist.

Grow, Manage, & Protect

Your Practice

with a full-service law firm of attorneys
specializing in all business needs of a dentist.


Protecting Dentists Since 1984

Dentistry is unique. It has its own laws, rules, and regulations which are distinct from those applicable to the medical profession and other industries. Dentists also face unique risks related to financing, transactions, insurance payors, government entities, competition, and more. These issues need to be well-explained and understood to avoid and mitigate unnecessary risk. Wood and Morgan is one of the only law firms in the country dedicated to understanding these issues and representing private practice dentists and dental groups. 

Wood and Morgan provides NATIONWIDE REPRESENTATION to a vast number of dentists and other medical professionals. If you are looking for highly experienced and qualified dental transaction experts, Wood and Morgan is the firm for you!
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Meet Our Attorneys

Our partners are devoted to supporting the dental community and our clients.  We take a hands-on approach to ensure our clients are connected with the strongest team of professionals and understand the legal and business risks and issues attendant to the proposed course of action. Each attorney brings their own unique experience to his practice of law and we collaborate to ensure our clients are well-advised. We look forward to doing business with you!

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MSO's | DSO's

Dental Services Organizations are complex and can expose the unwary to substantial legal and business risk. Care should be taken when considering to join or form a DSO.


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Practice Purchase Agreements

Practice transitions are rarely simple and should never be done on a handshake. Simple mistakes during the transaction process can lead to losses exceeding tens of thousands of dollars.


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Partnership Agreements

Partnerships are successful when partner roles are well-defined, the risks are understood, and the business plan is thoughtful. Friendship and optimism are rarely sufficient for success.


Wood and Morgan is a full-service NATIONWIDE law firm of attorneys specializing in dental transitions, dental leases, dental partnerships, MSO's, dental groups, estate planning and all business needs of a dentist.

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Shareholder Agreements

Successful companies are highly organized and their participants are always focused on the same goal. Often, detailed and thoughtful operating agreements coincide with successful businesses.


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Space Sharing

Space sharing arrangements and subleasing can be mutually beneficial for all parties involved; yet, they often lead to headaches and discord when done improperly.


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Corporate Formations

Entity selection, naming and formation can be time-consuming tasks. While low-cost technology companies can provide basic solutions, a more nuanced approach is often warranted.


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Real Estate Acquisition

Acquiring commercial real estate for your practice can be an excellent investment if done correctly. It is important to have experienced counsel work with you throughout the process.

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Associate Buy-Ins

Talented associates can make fantastic partners. Elevating an associate to partner requires careful consideration of purchase price, corporate structure, and financing to maximize chances of success.

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Estate Planning

Estate planning is critical to protecting your assets and family in the event of death and disability. We are happy to help.

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Lynn Lempert, DDS
Beverly Hills, California

“Dear Pat, I truly appreciate all the hard work and thoughtfulness you put into this whole endless ordeal. Your calm manner during my highly stressful process was invaluable. I am grateful for your tireless persistence. You are now part of my dream team. Take good Care”

Howard Farran, DDS, MBA
Founder & CEO of

“Jason I want to thank you for all that you have done for dentistry and for Dentaltown. Your 3000+ posts have added so much value and wisdom to so many dentists. No matter what any legal question a dentist throws at you, you always have a spot on world-class genius answer that withstands the scrutiny of everyone! You have an amazing mind, my friend!”

Thomas Boone, DDS
Sunset Beach, California

“I have worked with Wood & Morgan many times involving my dental practice sales, lease negotiations, and contractual disputes. They have always been extremely fair with a high degree of integrity …. My relationship with Wood & Morgan is carte Blanche in all legal aspects of my dental life.”

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