The Negotiation and Letter of Intent Process

In a modern office setting, a business man sits at a sleek desk, carefully signing contract paperwork.

As a dental practice owner, you may find yourself needing to negotiate business deals or draft a letter of intent (LOI). These processes can be complicated and intimidating, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the legal aspects. Below, a dental business lawyer will dive into the negotiation and letter of intent process, providing you with valuable…

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Dental Practice Buy-Ins: Legal Considerations

The scene emphasizes the legal considerations involved in accurately documenting medical information, highlighting the importance of thorough record-keeping and compliance with privacy laws.

Are you a dentist looking to buy into an existing dental practice? Buying into a practice can be an exciting opportunity to become a practice owner, grow your career, and build long-term wealth. However, dental practice buy-ins also involve legal considerations that require careful planning and guidance from a dental practice purchase agreements lawyer to…

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Things Every Employer Should Be Considering in Dental Associate Agreements

Concept combining law and medicine: a judge, healthcare regulations, medical and pharmacy compliance, healthcare business rules, dental insurance, dental equipment, and medical and pharmacy care.

If you own a dental practice and are thinking about hiring an associate dentist, there are many important things to consider as you structure the employment agreement. A well-crafted associate agreement can set expectations, provide clarity, and help prevent disputes down the road. Conversely, an agreement that leaves out key details or includes unfair terms…

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