Dental Associate Agreements

Close-up of a female employee signing agreement documents that clearly define the job duties and responsibilities of an associate dentist.

One of the most important documents for any dentist is the Dental Associate Agreement. This contract outlines the terms of employment between a dental practice and an associate dentist. Whether you’re a practice owner looking to bring on a new associate or a dentist seeking employment, you need to understand what a dental associate agreement…

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Why Do Dental Partnerships Fail?

A dentist and a partner are shaking hands, symbolizing an invitation to the dental clinic.

Finding the right dental partner is important for any dentist looking to grow their practice or transition into group practice. A strong dental partnership can lead to greater efficiency, shared costs, and the ability to provide more comprehensive care to patients. However, many dental partnerships fail, often due to avoidable mistakes and oversights. Often, working…

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What Dentists Need to Know: Legal Issues, Contracts, and Professionalism

A female dentist operates a machine while talking with a male patient lying on the table in a clinic. A dental model is visible, emphasizing dental health care according to the prescription.

As a dentist, providing high-quality care to your patients is always the top priority. However, running a successful dental practice also means navigating various legal considerations. From forming the right business entity to negotiating contracts and maintaining licensure, dentists face a wide range of legal issues. Mistakes in these areas can lead to costly disputes,…

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