5 Benefits of Having a Dental Attorney on Retainer

dental attorney on retainer, lawyers for dentists

As a dental professional, staying informed about the ever-changing legal landscape is essential to protect your practice and reputation. To ensure you have expert guidance readily available, having a dental attorney on retainer can prove to be a game-changer. In this blog, we will delve deeper into the five key advantages of having a dental…

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Lawyers for Dentists: Who Are They? What Do They Do?

lawyers for dentists

The legal and dental industries are different in many ways, but similar in an important aspect: there are generalists and specialists. In the dental industry, there are general dentists and the various subspecialties of dentists focus on certain types of patient care. In the legal industry, there are general attorneys, usually solo practitioners and those…

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What is a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO)?

what is a dso

Introduction A Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) serves as a conduit for businesses to achieve cost savings by leveraging collective purchasing power. In the dental industry, GPOs play a pivotal role in helping dental practices reduce their operational expenses. However, joining a GPO is not always a simple process, and may present challenges like limited options,…

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Choosing the Right Dental Attorneys: Key to Successful Business Transactions

In the business world, selecting the right advisors is vital for success. They serve as your trusted guides, steering you towards prosperity and away from potential hazards. Think of them as strategic advisors, bringing their unique blend of care, effort, and expertise. Making the right choice of advisors can completely transform that way you handle…

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A Dentist’s Guide to Business Services Agreements with DSOs

Business services agreement

As the dental industry evolves, more and more dentists are turning to dental service organizations (DSOs) as a way to help streamline their practices and increase their profitability. But with any business transaction comes risk and reward.  To ensure that your practice is getting the most out of its DSO transaction, it is essential to…

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The Four Stages of a DSO Transaction

The dental industry is undergoing a significant shift towards consolidation, with an increasing number of dentists and dental practice owners opting to sell their practice to Dental Service Organizations (DSOs). While this move may be beneficial for some, it is important for dentists and private practice owners to understand what to expect when selling to…

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DSO Practice Valuation Methods: Comparables

The formal definition of fair market value is the price of an asset that would change hands between a willing and information buyer and seller. The practical definition is the price someone is willing to pay for an asset.  Dental service organizations and private equity backed group dentistry practices have grown significantly in the past…

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How to Choose a Bank for a Dental Practice Acquisition

When it comes to acquiring a dental practice, one of the earliest and most important decisions is choosing which bank can help fund the transition. With so many banks across America, it’s important to compare options like their various programs, financing opportunities, and loan officers before making a choice. This guide gives you an outline…

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A Guide for Dentists: How to Sell your Practice to a DSO

Throughout the United States Dental service organizations (DSOs) are working with licensed dentists to acquire existing dental practices at an accelerating pace. DSOs offer to bring economies of scale to existing dental practices to reduce overhead and fuel expansion.  Our clients have opted to partner with DSOs for varying reasons. Some doctors are nearing retirement,…

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Unlocking the Secrets of Working with Brokers: A Guide for Dentists

Brokers are facilitators. They help their clients in various ways, from selling and buying dental practices and real estate to negotiating commercial leases between renters and property owners. All private practice dentists should get familiar with this type of professional since they can be useful along their career journey. Licensed brokers are responsible for ensuring…

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